Welcome To The Donation Page!

The Team Behind CHW Trivia

Currently the team is just a 20 year old college student named Junior (MrTurtlesGame) who writes all the code and a few friends on the internet who help him along his way who he would not be here without.

History Behind CHW Trivia

This Website started as a way to quickly research question given within the Game but quickly evolved into a community that strives to collect every datapoint we can through our streamline data collection process

Why You should donate

My (Junior's) Ultimate goal was to create a community resource that would allow people to have access to data that has real monetary value to assist others with their challenges.

Along with my friends we wanted to make the tool before someone else could so we could make what is best for the community which includes our free APIs non-Ad driven website all of which are unfortunately... Not free

in order to prevent CHW Trivia being forced to either shut down/ start serving ads to our viewers the site is going to be dependent on Donations. Speaking for myself and what I can assume many others... People hate Ads and if the site becomes forced to serve them to stay alive it would only become another nail in the coffin

If you can Please Consider Donating Below

Coinbase Commerce runs our POS through Crypto Network Transactions. Which any crypto wallet platform can send to (Including Coinbase, Ledger, Trust, and of course, Uphold)
if you cannot afford to donate but still want to help? Brave is an awesome way to support creators. You can donate automatically by simply using our website (Android and PC only)