API Documentation

Where to Access Our APIs:

Simply use our site's URL then .com/API/API-Name

What APIs We offer:

We Currently offer Two APIs which are ExportJSON and MassDupeCheck. ExportJSON Allows anyone to ping our database and the API will return every question set which includes the Question, Category, Color, every reported answer for that question. The MassDupeCheck API allows users with more technical experience to send a JSON array with new possible answers to be approved or declined all at once.


No Input Data is required to Access the API. The API will return a JSON Object Array in the following format

Results[SetNumber] = Each Question Set
Results[SetNumber][0] = Question
Results[SetNumber][1] = Answers as Strigified Array
Results[SetNumber][2] = Vault Color
Results[SetNumber][3] = Vault Category
Results[SetNumber][4] = Timestamp (Milliseconds Since Epoch)


MassDupeCheck can Handle 1-Reasonable Amount of question sets in one API call. The Bare minimum information required by the API is Question and The Answer. The API does require Specific formating which is below (All Formated as Strings). The API will return all data inputted with the only modification of changing the ApprovalStatus object. False means it is a duplicate and true means Possible new addition.

SentData[SetNumber] = QuestionSet
Results[SetNumber].Question = Question
Results[SetNumber].Answer = Answer
Results[SetNumber].ApprovalStatus = ' ' (Must Be Undefined)
Results[SetNumber].Category = Category (Not Required)
Results[SetNumber].Color = Color (Not Required)